What is Vital Online Doctor?

Vital Online Doctor (VOD) is an AI-enabled web and mobile application that holds electronic medical records and provides doctors and patients a seamless platform for remote virtual consultations and follow-ups.

VOD complies with FHIR and HL7 standards, and produces interoperable reports for downstream analysis. VOD follows WHO guidelines for screening patients and can be customized to meet additional criteria for the evolving situation.

VOD is available for patients, doctors, hospitals and medical test providers. It is a cloud-based system and can be integrated with existing hospital systems.

How does Vital Online Doctor work?

  1. Patient logs in and inputs details
  2. AI determines whether its COVID-19 related or other matter
  3. If COVID-19 related then the app will follow the Rapid COVID-19 Screening — If other health issue the AI will direct the inquiry to the relevant medical professional
  4. Depending on the severity of the case and availability of the doctors our AI will allocate an online appointment
  5. Patient and doctor can speak, message, share pictures and video call without sharing their personal number
  6. Doctors can request for medical tests through the app which then suggests patients on the nearest medical centre to get the tests done
  7. Medical results can be uploaded and the patient and doctor will be notified
  8. Doctors can interact with other doctors including specialists to discuss patient recovery plan
  9. Follow-ups can be arranged through the app

How Vital Online Doctors will help?

  1. Prioritize and identify patients who require immediate hospital treatment versus who can be served remotely
  2. Reduce contact points to decrease contamination of communicable diseases and free up valuable hospital resources to focus effectively on Covid-19 cases in the current scenario
  3. Offer access to remote health consultants in all medical areas
  4. Interoperable patient data enabling doctors from different hospitals to communicate effectively and in real-time
  5. Enable patients to have access to their medical records including medication history at all times
  6. Provide aggregated data & information graphs to visually identify trend, risks, geographic concentration to make informed actionable next steps
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