Rapid covid-19 screening

Rapid Covid – 19 Screening

COVID – 19 has put unprecedented pressure on the healthcare infrastructure worldwide and the impact is expected to last for a year or more. Wiseyak’s easy to use Rapid Covid – 19 Screening (RCS) – currently a web-based application – helps hospitals and governments manage resources, patient load and create real-time population-level reporting for quick decision support. RCS complies with FHIR and HL7 standards and produces interoperable reports for downstream analysis.RCS follows WHO guidelines for questionnaire-based screening and can be customized to meet additional criteria for the evolving situation.

How RCS works?

RCS is available for the frontline healthcare workers at the hospitals and can also be made available for patients to self-report. It is an easy to use web-based system and doesn’t need any new tech infrastructure or support. RCS can be deployed at hospitals within two days.

Send us an email at demo@wiseyak.com for a virtual demo.

Patient flow and reporting with RCS

1. Prioritize and manage patient flow to the hospital. Help in social distancing and minimize the spread of Covid-19 at healthcare facilities.

2. A central repository of patient data for follow-ups and remote consultations.

3. Actionable live dashboard for proactive decision making, including critical supply manager monitoring of high-risk patients and population-level tracking of outbreaks.

Test the Rapid Covid-19 Screening (RCS) web-app at covid.wiseyak.com.
Test users for various hospitals in Nepal, password for all the users is test1.


Dhulikhel Hospital – dhkuh-covid

 Nidan Hospital – nidan-covid

Gangalal Hospital – gangalal-covid

Sukraraj Teku Hospital – teku-covid

 Teaching Hospital – tuth-covid

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