At Wiseyak our aim is to make quality healthcare available to all through technology. Therefore, patients are at the heart of our solution. Our patient facing technology include Vital Online Doctor – our telemedicine mobile application and our disaster response technology. 

How does Vital Online Doctor help Patients?

  1. Allows patients to access medical advice anytime from anywhere from your mobile device
  2. Access appointments through the app for both General Physicians and Specialists
  3. Gives patient the power of owning their data and making holistic decisions on their health 
  4. Seamlessly use one platform for all medical needs from connecting with doctors, to reviewing test reports, to tracking health, to referring to specialists, to buying medicine, to scheduling follow-ups. 
  5. View nearest medical center with available resources such as tests and doctors to avoid long waiting times
  6. Get medical reports electronically as soon as they are ready – reducing travel and wait time

Ravi Bajracharya


Ravi Bajracharya is a passionate IT entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Wiseyak. Ravi specializes in healthcare informatics and ontologies. He has over 10 years of experience in software design and development. He has worked various industries including fin-tech and online marketing.