Artificial Intelligence in Practice

In today’s rapid technology evolution, having the data and advanced analytics to support strategic decisions has become paramount. Health care models need to constantly adapt to the changing environment to avoid being irrelevant. Historically, the world has witnessed a change in the health care system overlapping each other. What is now a breakthrough incentive is the way Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter AI) has completely changed the way we look at diagnostics.
From enabling community-based health workers to better serve patients in remote areas to helping the government in low and middle-income countries prevent deadly disease outbreaks before they occur, there is growing recognition of the tremendous potential of AI tools to break fundamental tradeoffs in health access, quality and cost. There is not a sector nor country where the use, improvisation and reinvention of AI-powered corps haven’t been facilitated. From the most developed countries to the developing ones, the common denominator and perhaps, the litmus paper test for ‘developed country’ is the use of AI-powered strategy by health care leaders in their organizations. This is further corroborated by a recent survey, which states that there was a whopping 88% increase in the use of AI in the medical field in 2019 alone and the countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Russia, the United States of America, other developed countries are making it happen and developing countries are following suit.

For a developing country like Nepal where cryptocurrency wasn’t tapped to its full potential, let alone understood fairly, the interdependency on AI is a far-fetched dream. While there are a few private companies trying to close the gap between the current global AI leap and Nepal’s lack of such a system, there is only meagre development in the health sector. One of the platforms committed to the advent of optimizing and dispensing an innovative technique in healthcare is Wiseyak.

The central tenet of Wiseyak is to transform the healthcare delivery system, offer hospital and healthcare professionals a robust healthcare data platform which can be used in clinical decision support, medical diagnosis, telemedicine, electronic medical record and medical data collection in order to make healthcare service affordable and accessible to everybody – urban or rural population. Wiseyak has developed a robust cloud-based health data platform and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that is interoperable across hospitals and any other medical record systems of healthcare service providers. The salient feature is that its solution is a cloud-based a unified medical platform that integrates healthcare with AI. Thus, minimizing the cost, flaws and redundancy that the human resource often entails. With the assistance of AI, the overall efficiency of operations increases exponentially at a reduced cost and utmost risk management. The underlying technology is based on medical encyclopedia such as Unified UMLS and FHIR/HL7 medical ontologies, which are the most human-friendly semantics by global standards. Interoperability is one of the key differentiators of Wiseyak’s solutions compared to its competitors. Because Wiseyak’s platform is based on FHIR ontologies and it will not require any development and coding and end users can easily customize and tailor the solution in a very short period of time.
What separates it from other mushrooming AI companies in Nepal is its EMR (Electronic Medical Record), which has DDx (Differential Diagnosis), autocomplete features, real-time dashboard for hospitals and physicians. All of these features have been compiled and instilled by the company to create a holistic approach to possible health care conundrums. Through an integrated system, Wiseyak has developed a robust cloud-based health data platform and electronic medical record (EMR) system that is interoperable across hospitals and any other medical record systems of healthcare service providers. With such a facility, medical staffs need not worry about recording patient data on a flimsy paper; this system is designed to store data and patient record-keeping with data security as one of its key highlights. The patients’ data are encrypted and cannot be shared or transferred without their consent. In fact, Wiseyak’s solution, once available in desktop, web, tablets and mobile will give patients and doctors the liberty to use and access the tools from anywhere. It can be also used when offline and without the internet thus, enabling patients to access and share their health data.
It is also developing an AI diagnosis solution which will help physicians in their clinical decision makings. Besides that, the company has fully committed to developing an AI-enabled web and mobile application, namely Vital Online Doctor (VOD) that holds electronic medical records and provides doctors and patients with a seamless platform for remote virtual consultations and follow- ups. This allows complete ease of influx of patients visiting the hospital and drastically reduces the potential of spread of the virus. Wiseyak has also been working to generate a Patient-Doctor communication platform for direct and accelerated contact between the facilitator and the patient with the utmost convenience to both parties.
In the light of the current COVID-19 crisis, it has already developed Covid-19 tracking platform through which government can track and monitor infected patients and vulnerable population groups by GIS level. The model that most countries have been adopting to track susceptible hosts of the virus.
Altogether, Wiseyak offers data-driven decision-making tools to government, policymakers and international research organization in healthcare policies recommendation and formulations. The provided solutions will allow hospitals to easily collect, record patients’ medical records. It will help hospitals to transition from paper-based to digital systems, significantly cutting down IT in-house costs requiring no IT support and maintenance. Not only that, but it also enriches the healthcare industry and research organization by building a healthcare data lake that can be used by everybody. Wiseyak is on the cusp of bringing about a transformation in the conventional medical transaction in Nepal. This inconceivable change can be made possible together with Wiseyak.
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