AI Driven Diagnostics

The significance of early diagnosis in solving and evading future health problems is vividly eminent. Healthcare workers have always faced challenges that contribute to losing track of the bigger picture and missing important cues in the data. In cases where traditional measures cannot foresee and confirm an accurate diagnosis, the use of AI in disease diagnostics can uncover these cues and provide suggestions to healthcare professionals in augmenting the decision-making process.

AI-Driven Diagnostics are ways to identify patterns in patients’ medical data via the utilization of AI algorithms. They provide healthcare professionals with insights and information on any patient’s medical records that could have been easily missed. AI-Driven Diagnostics help ease the diagnostic burden of healthcare workers by providing fast, reliable, and accurate information about patients’ medical conditions/histories.

WiseMD, a collective platform with AI-Driven Diagnostic capabilities for healthcare data, developed by Wiseyak, has been built with first-class support for interoperability and manifold uses, from population health, and clinical trial to the patient registry and specialized EMRs. WiseMD is based on an algorithm that provides health professionals a holistic view, along with AI-driven suggestions, on patient-specific medical history enabling them to make swift and ameliorated decisions personalized specifically for a patient and his/her condition.

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