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A Powerful Health Data Platform for Patient Record Management, Clinical Trial and Population Health

Connect & CREATE

Easily connect existing EHR systems to build and deploy apps in easy 1-2-3 steps

Initiate Surveys & COLLECT EPROS

Design and deploy FHIR compatible Population Health Survey and Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs) Apps


Build AI-powered EMR/EHR Solutions compatible with HL7/FHIR

Clinical Decision Support System

Assist physicians with in clinical decisions with Differential Diagnosis (DDx) features


Visualize & Discover

Help you track and visualize KPIs of your health data

Deploy Machine Learning Solutions

Use AI and Machine Learning tools to analyze health data and predict patient outcomes

WiseMD Key Features


WiseMD is highly interoperable that works across multiple systems within healthcare services providers.


WiseMD allows developers and customers to rapidly build and scale the digital applications driving the future of care on the platform of their choice.


WiseMD helps developers quickly creating and scaling innovative apps. It allows users to deploy your electronic Patient Recorded Outcomes (ePROs) in hours NOT days.


WiseMD aims at improving healthcare data security opens the lines of communication for the privacy and security teams, allowing them to work more closely together.

Healthcare Data Model Challenges

Healthcare Data – Healthcare data is too complicated, fragmented and difficult to model within a unified data analytics model.

EMR Issues – Most of existing EHR/EMR systems are not designed with usability and clinical workflow in mind.  As a result,  these systems become obstacles for physicians and their patients, forcing physicians to work outside of working hours to complete documentation. Traditional EMR systems have limited or no decision support features to assist physicians/doctors in their assessment and clinical process.

System Interoperability – The seamless, effective and meaningful exchange of patient information is yet to be achieved across healthcare systems. The existing EMR systems do not use open standards, making it difficult for patients and clinics to integrate medical records from multiple sources, resulting in unnecessary tests and delayed diagnoses.

The Platform - WiseMD

WiseMD is a cloud-based semantic data platform that can import and catalogue data from certified EMR vendors making it inherently capable of supporting AI features for decision support and making EHR data far more useful and actionable in the process. WiseMD integrates AI-driven decision support and diagnostic tools in a clinical workflow, saving valuable physician time.

WiseMD is both a business intelligence and artificial intelligence platform capable of both visualizing the bottom-line/KPIs based on ingested data and at the same time turning data into actionable intelligence to provide decision support and advanced search/query capability.

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) help busy doctors spot less frequent diagnoses and treatment decisions by considering the full patient history. It improves time to diagnosis, further enhancing the quality of healthcare service.

Our CDSS combines machine learning with customizable diagnosis and treatment plans to deliver best practices and regulatory compliance.


WiseMD - Analytics Pipelines

Apply search criteria for data selection

Visualize & Discover

WiseMD - AI Diagnostics

Label image with diagnosis

Deploy our custom Deep Learning model

Our Technology and Architecture

WiseMD is a cloud-based AI driven EMR solution that utilizes standards compliant medical ontology-based (USMLS, HL7, FHIR, SNOMED, ICD10, LOINC) knowledge graphs for storing patient records. It permits easy integration with legacy and current hospital systems. The mobile-first approach permits connecting patients with multiple doctors and clinics from anywhere on the globe.

Our Partners & Alliances

Dhulikhel Hospital
Kathmandu University
International Friendship Children's Hospital
City University of New York
University of Edinburgh
World Diabetes Foundation
University of Washington
Brightoutcome, Inc.

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Dr. Suresh Manandhar is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Wiseyak. Dr. Manandhar is also the former Reader and Head of Artificial Intelligence and Research Group of Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK. His key expertise is in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dr. Manandhar has been working in the field of AI for more than two decades.


Dr. Hemanta Shrestha


Dr. Hemanta Shrestha is a passionate Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wiseyak. He is also an experienced Data Scientist and a Financial Analyst with more than 15 years of experience in Corporate America. In the past, he worked for AT&T, Nokia, Sprint, Virgin Mobile USA and Cox Communications. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Connecticut, USA.


Ravi Bajracharya


Ravi Bajracharya is a passionate IT entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Wiseyak. Ravi specializes in healthcare informatics and ontologies. He has over 10 years of experience in software design and development. He has worked various industries including fin-tech and online marketing.